Selection Policy

Selection Panel

Men's Grade & Poidevin-Gray Teams –  A selection panel is elected at the AGM each year. In accordance with the club's constitution, the panel, in conjunction with the relevant grade captain, select each grade team for each round. For each team being selected, the captains of the grades above and below (where applicable) provide input. For the 2019/20 season the selectors are Craig Tomko (chairman) and Patrick Lindsay.


The A.W.Green Shield, Brewer and women's third grade teams are selected by the relevant coaches.


It is the aim of the selection panel to select a side in each grade that has the best possible chance of winning that match. Therefore, selection in all grades must be earned and maintained by each player. Over the longer term, the development of first-grade and first-class standard cricketers will allow the club to win a greater percentage of their games. All players are considered to be available for selection in any grade.

Notification of Selections

Those players that are dropped will be advised by a member of the selection committee or a captain prior to publication of the teams for the next round.

Teams will be announced as soon as possible before the start of a new round and then published on the club website. In the event a player is unhappy or wishes to discuss their grading they should engage the relevant team's captain.

Selection Criteria

  • Team balance and requirements to win
    • All selections will be made with a view to securing a win. UTS NSDCC seeks to select the best 11 players in each grade to secure victory.
    • The team balance will vary depending on the opposition and wicket.
  • Performance
    • A player’s performance in previous rounds will be the main determinant of their grading. Runs scored, wickets taken and consistency and the quality of their fielding will be primary, however other factors will also play a part. These include, but are not limited to: the ability to score runs under pressure and in different game circumstances, can apply pressure consistently with the ball and contributes positively to team spirit and motivation in the field
  • Attitude
    • A player is actively encouraged to share in and celebrate the success of others, compete to the final delivery and demonstrate at all times a commitment to their own performance and that of the team. Players are to act in a positive fashion at all times. Consistently attending training, being punctual on match days, appearance and presentation at these games and contribution to club events is expected from all club members.
    • A player is expected to behave in a manner that reflects well on himself and the club at all times. This applies both on and off the field
  • Commitment
    • A player is expected to come to training and actively work hard. He should seek to develop his physical and mental skills, address weaknesses and develop strengths. He should also seek the assistance of the coach and senior players to further his abilities.
  • Availability
    • Players must inform the selection panel if they are unavailable for a match. Players are encouraged to provide a minimum of 4 weeks notice. Should a player become unavailable, the selection panel will determine if the unavailability should render the player to return in a lower grade. This will remain at the discretion of the panel. It is not in the best interests of the club for players to make themselves unavailable for anything other than a key work or study commitment.