Life Members

The following have been honoured with life membership of the North Sydney District Cricket Club:

T Chappell D Cole
M McMahon W Playle
BO White BC White
K Spring C Williams
A Tedder J Brian
W Coltman V Emery
K Gilkes A Moss
H Pratten G Davey
T Greenwood S Hookey
J Riseborough K Riseborough 
V Kringas G Roberts
J Aitken G Aitken
K Campbell P Lindsay
G Spring D Taylor
R Telfer M White
D Rodgie R Shelton
P Marks S Morgan
W Davey J Lawes
W Blackstone N Deane
R Matthews R Tulk
H Crompton R Minnett
W Jones A Punch
A Vincent K Cunningham
C Hogue R Turner
A Johnson R Aitken
R Lavery