Club Committee

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UTS North Sydney District Cricket Club committee

President: Rob Lavery

Vice President: Michael Lloyd

Honorary Secretary: Patrick Lindsay

Assistant Honorary Secretary - Sarah Berman

Treasurer: Adam Wayling

Assistant Honorary Treasurer: Simon Jagot

General Committee

Kathy Campbell (cricket operations and CNSW/SCA Delegate)

Samuel Colless (UTS partnership)

Glenn Aitken (men's cricket operations)

Nicole James (stakeholder and media engagement)

Christopher Savage (player engagement)

Gemma-Jayne Ashdown (media and promotions)

Alan Gibbons (women's cricket operations)

David James (media and fundraising)

The 2019/20 Annual Report is available here.

Previous Office Bearers

PresidentCommencedConcludedHonorary SecretaryCommencedConcludedHonorary TreasurerCommencedConcluded
NO OFFICE18931967W Blackstone18931895J Clark18931900
R Tulk19681971W Gordon18951900A Reed19001902
R Turner19711979W Small19001902E Brooks19021903
D Cole19791990A Whatmore19021911F Mansfield19031904
BO White19902015E Selby19131914G Tremlett19041911
D Graham20152018L Minnett19141916L Minnett19111914
R Lavery2018PresentR Minnett19161917A Tedder19141915
C Hogue19171923G Moore19151916
H Copas19231924A Sadler 19161917
G Gavey19241946A Punch19171919
R Turner1945 (ex 66-68)1971B Long19191920
R Tulk19661968G Hall19201922
BD White19711973W Davey19221932
D Robertson19731977E Selden19311936
K Cunningham





R Nettheim19361938
A Kelleher19871989N Falk19381939
R Kelleher19901992A Vincent19421946
R Telfer19921995H Crompton19461956
P Robinson19951999J McMurdo19551957
N Naseby19982001K Rodgie19571958
S Ball20012005W Ives19581959
D Cole20052008T Philp19581959
D Rodgie20082014P Nelson19591962
P Lindsay2014PresentR Farrant19621964
W Baillie19641966
R Turner19661968
D Turner19681970
P Nelson19701971
BD White19701971
R Taylor19711973
D Beasby19731974
T Wooster19741978
C Lawther19781984
L Scott19841988
R Telfer19881990
K Gunderson19901993
G Roberts19931994
C Thomas19941995
C Clancy19952001
B Frawley20012002
M White20022004
G Martin20042007
R Wilson20072017
P Graham20172018
A Wayling2018Present