New NSO Sightscreens

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With a new season upon us, we are excited to see the new sightscreens at North Sydney Oval, which were installed during the off-season. The sightscreens were proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with Cricket Australia and North Sydney Council, and will be debuted this weekend at the women's T20 internationals between Australia and the West Indies.

A key feature of the new screens, provided by Gabba, is the ability to switch seamlessly between white and black, allowing an easy transition between red-ball and white-ball matches. This will enable us to schedule more women's Premier Cricket matches at NSO going forward, supporting our growing women's program which includes a new Second Grade side this season, and giving more women and girls an opportunity to play on an international ground. A women's showcase T20 double-header against Gordon for Second Grade and Brewer Shield is scheduled for Sunday 17 December.

The Bears would like to acknowledge and thank the NSW Government and Cricket Australia as major funders of the new sightscreens (through the Local Sport Grant Program and Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund respectively), and North Sydney Council for their funding input and management of the project.