Bears One day Victory

The North Sydney Cricket Club was founded in 1858, playing matches against teams like Callen Park and other notable institutions in Sydney. In 1893 the Club became an inaugural founding member of the current Sydney Grade Cricket Competition and one of the oldest elite clubs in Sydney. 

The Club has played consistently on the famous North Sydney Oval since its inception. In the 1980s the club and community recognised the potential of the Miller St location and worked with the then North Sydney Mayor and current club Patron Ted Mack to develop the ground, enhancing its historical character. 

The North Sydney Council purchased some old grandstands from the SCG, during its re-development, and relocated them at the North Sydney Oval. Past Players for the club include Sir Donald Bradman, Bill "Tiger" O'Reilly, Sid Barnes, Keith Miller, Charlie McCartney, Stan McCabe, Doug Walters, Trevor Chappell, Kerry O'Keefe, Phil Marks, Scott Hookey and Stuart MacGill.