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New Players

NSDCC Welcomes New Players to Trial

DhruvaNorth Sydney District Cricket club competes in the Sydney Grade Cricket Association, we field teams in all 5 grades. Within this structure we have an U16 team that compete in the Green Shield Competition, and an U21 team that compete's in the Poidevin Gray Competition.

We welcome all players to trial and we would ask for you to review our Pre Season Program as well as making contact with us.

As a club it is our mission to foster cricketing talent ultimately to produce NSW cricketers. In welcoming players to trial we would like to set some basic expectations as to the types of player and person we would seek to attract.

Expectations of new players:


A player is actively encouraged to share in and celebrate the success of others, compete to the final delivery and demonstrate at all times a commitment to their own performance and that of the team. Players are to act in a positive fashion at all times. Consistently attending training, being punctual on match days, appearance and presentation at these games and contribution to club events is expected from all club members.

A player is expected to behave in a manner that reflects well on himself and the club at all times. This applies both on and off the field


Rob Aitken

A player is expected to come to training and actively work hard. He should seek to develop his physical and mental skills, address weaknesses and develop strengths. He should also seek the assistance of the coach and senior players to further his abilities.