Hungry Bears up and running in 2017-18

Under the guidance of coach Jason Krejza and his assistants, the Bears have kicked off their pre-season program. It began with the now traditional, club-bonding paintball session. In the close confines of the Die Hard indoor centre, the Bears’ tactical acuity and sharp-shooting skills were put to the test. Once again, the wisest tactic was to make sure you were on Jason’s team as he cut a swathe through all comers.

The last Sunday in July saw a return to Riverview for the first net session of the season. A mixture of new and familiar faces worked out the rust, making the most of the unseasonably warm weather. Net sessions will take place each Sunday of August at Riverview, commencing 9:30am sharp.

The strength and conditioning sessions kicked off with a running tour of North Sydney. The Bears worked their way from Bon Andrews down to Luna Park, around Lavender Bay and back up Blues Point Rd and Miller St. The session was a mixture of endurance and bodyweight strength exercises and, for those looking emulate or repeat the session, the course and schedule is provided below. These sessions will also be conducted weekly throughout August.

Click here for the full North Sydney DCC pre-season schedule. New players are encouraged to join and get ready to tackle the gruelling NSW Premier Cricket season.

Run like a Bear

Preseason fitness

Starting from Bon Andrews, the Bears took the overpass clearing the Warringah Freeway and headed down Alfred St to stop 1.  

Stop 1 – Whaling Rd

Bodyweight exercises: 1 set of planks – 1m front and 30s each side

North Sydney Trivia: In the process of clearing the northern approaches for the Sydney Harbour Bridge, including the Bradfield Highway, 469 buildings were demolished. Most of these were houses and very little compensation was provided to the residents for this upheaval.

Stop 2 – Bradfield Park

Bodyweight exercises: 1 set of planks – 1m front and 30s each side

North Sydney Trivia: Opening in 1935, three years after the completion of the Harbour Bridge, Luna Park entertained Sydneysiders each year until 1979. The cause of that closure was the tragic Ghost Train fire which claimed the lives of six children and an adult. The park was opened and closed again multiple times thereafter until 2004 when it resumed business in its current form. Luna Park is a former sponsor of the Bears.

Stop 3 – Wendy’s secret garden

Bodyweight exercises – 3 sets of 10 push-ups. Hands shoulder width apart under shoulders.

North Sydney Trivia: Wendy Whiteley was married to famous Sydney artist, Brett Whiteley. A fine artist in her own right, she and her family lived in Lavender Bay. In an industrial area next to the Milson’s Point rail sidings, Wendy Whiteley spent considerable money establishing a park, open to all members of the public. The park is still there now and features a fountain from the garden of another famed Sydney artist, Margaret Olley.

Stop 4 – Henry Lawson Reserve

Bodyweight exercises – 2 sets of 10 tricep push-ups. Hands closer than shoulder width, elbows kept tight to your sides.

North Sydney Trivia: Blues Point Tower, brilliantly evident at the bottom of Blues Point Rd, was famed architect Harry Seidler’s revolutionary concept for higher density living along Sydney’s foreshores. Perpetually underappreciated, when built in 1962 the cost of the penthouse apartment was less than that of a three-bedroom house in Ryde.

Stop 5 – St Peters Park

Bodyweight exercises: 1 set of 10 two-legged squats. 1 set each of 10 single-legged squats.

North Sydney Trivia: Before the completion of the Harbour Bridge, the North Shore train line used to terminate at Milson’s Point. From their passengers used to have to catch a ferry across to the south side of the harbour. With a history going back 75 years before the opening of the bridge, the challenge of traveling to games south of the harbour must have been significant for the early Bears.

Stop 6 – North Sydney Oval

Bodyweight exercises: 3 sets pf 10 lunges. Focus on tracking the front knee over the front foot and getting right angles in both knees.

North Sydney Trivia: The first cricket pitch in St Leonards park was laid in 1867. For a long time the ground had a history of being one of the hardest in Sydney – great for cricketers, less popular with the players of the rugby codes. In 1983 the Bob Stand, so named as the price of admission was a shilling, was moved from the SCG to North Sydney Oval. The ground is still revered by players as one of, if not the, the finest in Sydney.